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Five years ago, when I founded Smart Edge Technologies, I had a clear vision to innovate for a better future – to build a sustainable future with the help of new emerging technology. Today, we’re witnessing a shift in businesses towards taking social responsibility; yet, many still struggle to act, citing high costs or complex deployments for the prior legacy systems.

The truth is, the environment and people around us bear the brunt of harmful or inefficient business practices. It’s time for businesses to take accountability and become leaders in creating a sustainable future. At Smart Edge Technologies, we pride ourselves on taking an innovative approach, ensuring businesses can reduce their environmental impact without compromising on profits. 

This is an exciting moment for businesses to embrace sustainable practices, utilizing new technologies that were previously unavailable or too expensive to implement. Our technology solutions leverage digital transformation, sensor, and AI technology to simplify complicated tasks, such as asset tracking for supply chain management, AI video analytics, and food waste management. With our low hardware, simple deployment, and SaaS model, the investment’s value exceeds the cost. This accelerates adoption, which will decrease waste, reduce emissions, and increase profitability.

We work with organizations who understand that focusing on sustainable technology offers limitless opportunities that drive long-term value and efficiency. Together, we’re building new operations that support the environment and improve customer and employee experiences.

Join us in this revolutionary cause and find out how embracing technologies that optimize operations can help your business increase long-term value while nurturing our planet. With the right technology and mindset, we can shape a brighter future for the world and ourselves.

– Christina Dills, Smart Edge Technologies Founder & CEO


Christina Dills, Smart Edge Technologies Founder & CEO


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