Covid Response Solutions

protect public health

Occupancy Monitoring System

We are helping our clients to protect public health by providing the world’s most versatile occupancy monitoring system. It will help enforce social distancing guidelines and occupancy restrictions. The system counts all incoming and outgoing people and measures the current occupancy. It displays the real-time data, and also alerts you when getting near to, or exceeding the capacity.
Provides real time alerts

Fever Detection System

Highly accurate, unobtrusive, zero-touch mechanism for detecting and tracing body temperature of employees and customers. Our fever detection system acts in seconds to scan individuals with elevated temperature and instantaneously send alerts and escalate information.

UHF RFID sensor technology

Scanless Self-Checkout System

Connect and monitor your products at scale using UHF RFID sensor technology to create connected products that bridge the physical and digital worlds tackling the top operational inventory challenges and enabling automated self-checkout without the need of barcode scanning. Create a safer and more efficient store environment with a scanless automated checkout counter.