AI Video Analytics

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AI Video Analytics

Deliver better targeted marketing programs, pricing, and promotions by analyzing the movement of people through time. 

Open up to new streams of revenue by understanding who visits and where they go next and for how long with AI crowd analytics.

Image Acquisition: High quality cameras capture movement​
Deep Learning: AI algorithms on the imagery ​
Post-processing: Turn captured data into useful insights and location mapping​

  • Understand relevant interactions between people and the physical world.​
  • Recognize patterns and direction of traffic over time to ensure optimum service.
  • Prevent overcrowding​
  • Real time people metrics such as count, views, dwell time, gender, age range, emotion, direction.​
  • Cloud based real time dashboards​​
  • Camera rental & set up​
  • Data collection, management and processing
  • User attribute collection and segmentation​
  • Algorithm development​
  • Cloud deployment​
    Data security​​
What We Offer
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